What qualifies a CO-OWNER Family ?
A CO-OWNER family is a family who can give lots of love, care and attention to one of our beautiful Labrador Retriever Puppy. 

How do I become a CO-OWNER? 
To become a CO-OWNER you need to apply and then go through
a series of interviews. These interview take place in our Home & Yours. 

Is there a cost in becoming a CO-OWNER?
There MAYBE a deposit that is required at the time you take our 
puppy home (male or female). 
However that deposit is returned to you after the contract has been completed. 

After I am excepted as a  CO-OWNER what happens?
A puppy of your color & gender choice will be placed in your Care when available. 

Do I get to pick the Puppy?
NO, the puppy is carefully selected by the breeder. These puppy are
chosen for their Outstanding Labrador Retriever Quality's with the potential
of being part of our breeding program at the appropriate age. 

After the dog reaches maturity do I have to give him/her back?
NO, you never have to give him/her back, you have a companion for LIFE once you've entered into our program. However if you plan or know that you will be moving out of the area in the next 5 yrs then our program may not be suitable for you.

Will I ever be without My dog?
Yes, but only for short periods of time. As a puppy we do require
monthly visits so that we can see how he/she is developing.

Can I come visit my dog while he/she is away from home? 
Yes, you are always welcome to come visit with us & your dog while they are in our care.

How do I know what my responsibility are as a  CO-OWNER?
We have a written contract that explains all the responsibilities of the Foster Family and that of the breeder. 
Example: the Foster Family responsible are the Basic Care of owning a dog, Food, Health, Training, Exercise and regular Veterinary Visits.

If you would like to learn more about becoming  a CO-OWNER please give us a call. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.   413-250-6337 or [email protected]